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Student CV bank

Are you a student and looking for a student job? Become admitted to our student CV bank, where you can be matched with companies in Odense that are looking for student assistants.

Get a student job through the CV bank

Looking for a student job? Then register for Odense Municipality's CV bank for students.

When you upload your application and your CV in the CV bank, you have the opportunity to be matched with companies and workplaces in Odense before the positions are advertised, if your skills are in demand.

You can choose to search exclusively for jobs relevant to your study, but your search field can also be wider if you wish.

Complete the application form on this page by clicking on the green box in the bottom of the page.

There are many advantages to a student job:

  • You will have the opportunity to use your theoretical knowledge from the study in practice
  • You get new inputs, experiences and a mental break from the textbooks
  • You earn a little extra in addition to your SU
  • You get a professional and social network
  • You gain experience in the business world


Contact the business consultants

Odense Municipality's business consultants run the CV bank in close collaboration with the companies looking for student assistants. If you are interested in hearing more about the CV bank and the opportunities Odense Municipality offers, you are welcome to arrange a meeting with Martin, Sanela or Veda. If you want to book a meeting or have further questions, contact us by e-mail: studiejob@odense.dk

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