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MitID and digital post

Your MitID is part of your digital identity and helps you to access a number of online services.

NemID and digital post



Your MitID is a personal and secure login that is used for a variety of online services such as online banking, accessing your Digital Post, registering a new address, etc. 



In order to get a MitID, you need*:

  • A CPR number

  • Be at least 15 years of age

  • Valid ID

There are several ways to obtain your MitID:

  • At Borgerservice (you need to make an appointment)*
  • At your bank or via online banking (contact your bank for more information)
  • By ordering MitID online (this requires a Danish passport or a Danish driver’s license)


*Please note that if you are new to Denmark, you may also need an attesting witness in order to obtain your MitID at Borgerservice right away.



You'll find information about the MitID as well as links to download the app on mitid.dk.


Digital Post

Digital Post is a secure and personal mailbox online, designed specifically to receive mail from the public authorities. It is mandatory to have a digital mailbox.

Read more about Digital Post and access your Digital Post via Lifeindenmark.dk.



An E-boks is a secure electronic mailbox that is linked to your CPR number. You can use the E-boks to receive mail from companies and public authorities that you would otherwise receive in the post. You can choose which companies or authorities you want to receive electronic mail from. It is also possible to make your E-boks your digital postbox for mail from the public authorities. 

Read more about E-boks and register as a user at E-boks.dk.