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Registration (CPR) and health card

Your CPR number is your personal identification number and is key to accessing a number of services in Denmark.

Registration CPR

When you have received your residence and/or work permit (registration certificate), you can contact the International Citizen Service (Borgerservice) for your civil registration number (CPR) and a health insurance card.


Registration and public health insurance (yellow card)

It is important to get a CPR number as soon as possible as it is used by the entire public administration in Denmark as well as private companies, including all of the leading banks and insurance companies. The health insurance card demonstrates that you are covered by public health insurance. It allows you to receive healthcare treatment in Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands, and it is used in a number of different situations such as when you visit the doctor. Medical prescriptions and dental treatment, however, are not covered by the health insurance card. Read more about the Danish healthcare system on our healthcare page.  

In order to be eligible for a CPR number and a health insurance card, you need to have:

  • Plans on staying in Denmark for more than three months
  • A residence permit (this does not apply to Nordic citizens)
  • A local address of residence
  • Birth certificate
  • Documentation for your current civil status

Your health insurance card will be sent to you by post within 30 days. Please make sure to have your name on your mailbox.


International Citizen Service South

International Citizen Service South in Odense (ICS South) provides newly arrived workers staying for more than three months with all the necessary authority registrations (CPR number, MitID, tax card).


It is mandatory to book an appointment before visiting ICS South.


Please read the instructions on their website carefully and book an appointment that suits your purpose to visit ICS South.

You can find their opening/phone hours, contact information, and booking link here.


International Citizen Service South