Spring til indhold

About us

International Community Odense helps Odense-based companies in their effort to recruit international highly skilled employees.

International Community Odense is part of the City of Odense, and we strive to ease international recruitment for Odense-based companies by helping their highly skilled employees settle in Odense and introduce them to networks and activities in the city.


Newcomer Service


Newcomer Service offers guidance to highly skilled international employees on the technicalities of moving, registration, finding daycare, language training, and other practical issues. Our First Home Service helps the employee find accommodation in Odense.


As a highly skilled international employee, who already has a job offer, you are welcome to use our services before and after arrival in Denmark.



Events and Activities


Throughout the year, we offer a variety of professional and social activities for international employees and their families. At our events, internationals can meet each other and the Danes and expand their social networks. Most of our events are free of charge and open to the general public, Danes and internationals alike.



Accompanying families 

We have a strong focus on the well-being of the accompanying family and have a specific program for accompanying partners, including individual counseling with our Partner Career Adviser.

Our Partner Career Adviser also offers a seasonal Job Search Seminar where accompanying partners can get information, tools, and help with their job search. Though this seminar is primarily for accompanying partners to international employees in Odense-based companies, the seminar is open to others if there are seats available. 



Please do not include your CPR number in e-mails or attachments to International Community Odense. International Community Odense is a part of the municipality of Odense and all inquiries are confidential. However, we do not have a closed mailing system, which means that personal information such as CPR numbers should not be emailed or sent in attachments to our email addresses.




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