Spring til indhold

First Home Service

We are here to help highly skilled internationals find their first home in Odense.

First home service

Have you received a job offer and plan to move to Odense? Are you a highly skilled international? We are here to help you find your first home in Odense. For guidance on accommodation search in Odense please explore our website where you will find a list of rental companies, rental portals, and other relevant information. If you have questions about moving to Odense, you are also welcome to send us an email.


With our First Home Service, we help you find suitable accommodation options, and we guide you to explore the housing market on your own. In order to use the service, please fill in the online form and we will get back to you. We will do our best to help you find a first home, but we cannot guarantee you housing.





Please note

This service is only for highly skilled international employees and their families who are moving to Odense because of a job and are looking for their first home in Odense. In order to use the service, we must receive a confirmation from your employer stating that you have been offered a job in the company.