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Your guide to Odense

Information about moving to, living, and working in Odense, Denmark.

About Odense

International Community Odense's Newcomer Service offers guidance to highly skilled international employees on the technicalities of moving, registration, banking, finding daycare, schooling, language training, and other practical issues.


Newcomer Service offers information and resources to help you with your move, both pre- and post-arrival.


We help you find your first home in Odense

As a highly skilled employee of an Odense-based company, you can use our First Home Service to find accommodation in Odense. 


Do you have questions about moving to Odense?

Then reach out to our Newcomer Service and schedule an individual meeting. Highly skilled international employees, who already have a job offer, are welcome to use our services before and after arrival in Denmark.


When contacting us, please let us know what company you or your partner are employed at.

Your life in Odense