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Whether you are planning on renting or buying a house in Odense, finding the perfect place to live can take some time. There are a number of resources available, however, to help you with your search. 

To start we suggest that you take a look at our lists of accommodation portalshousing associations, and private landlords in Odense.



First Home Service

Did you receive a job offer and plan to move to Odense? We are here to help you find your first home in Odense. Read more about First Home Service.




Rental properties in Odense are in high demand, so it is wise to search actively and act quickly once you see something you like. While it is possible to find furnished or semi-furnished properties to rent, they are more difficult to come by. The majority of rental properties are unfurnished. When renting a home, it is common to pay a deposit of up to three months 'rent as well as an advanced payment of one to three months' rent. Notice is usually between one and three months, depending on your contract. Find more information about the rental market in Odense here.




If you are looking to buy property in Denmark as a non-Danish citizen, you need to first make sure that you meet the requirements. The general rule for foreign nationals is that, unless you have lived in Denmark for at least 5 years consecutively, you need to get permission from the Ministry of Justice to purchase a home. This rule does not apply to EU / EEA citizens provided that they meet certain requirements.


More detailed information about the rules regarding the acquisition of property in Denmark as a foreign citizen can be found on the  Department of Civil Affairs website  (in Danish).



Looking for advice on your rental contract?

Lejernes Landsorganisation (LLO) and Lejerforening Fyn are organizations for renters that provide advice for members of the organization who may have questions or problems regarding their rental contracts.

Are you a student looking for housing?

If you have not found a place to stay before your studies start in Odense, you may be eligible to use Absolute Assurance for Accommodation for students. Get to know more about  Absolute Assurance for Accommodation here and learn more about student life in the City of Odense here.