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Danish language class

Sign up for the Danish language education within 8 weeks of receiving your offer from the City of Odense.

Apply for Danish language courses


AOF Job & Dansk, in agreement with City of Odense, gives language courses to adult internationals in Odense and in a number of other municipalities on Funen. You need to have a CPR number in order to be referred to a course. Once you have registered in Odense and received your CPR number, you will receive a letter to youdigital post with an offer for a Danish Language Course from the municipality.





The course is free of charge except for a deposit of 2,000 DKK. The deposit will be fully refunded if you change your mind and let AOF Job & Dansk know before classes start. Once you have signed up for Danish classes, the deposit can be paid back to you, if you complete the assigned module with a test within a certain time limit. You will receive further details about payment when you sign up for your Danish Education.



Please contact the language school no later than 8 weeks from receiving the letter with an offer from the municipality. Fail to do so and the first voucher will automatically be activated and time will start counting.

Contact the language school


AOF Job og Dansk

Østergade 32
5000 Odense C.
E-mail: fyn@aofjobogdansk.dk

Phone: +45 76 10 63 70 (click 1 for Odense department)

Website: aofjobogdansk.dk/en/




Contact the municipality's Danish Education team


Phone:  +45 30 35 44 46
Email: dansktilbud@odense.dk


Visit the Danish Education team's website (in Danish)

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