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Public libraries

The libraries in Odense offer a variety of resources and services, and getting a library card is free.

Public libraries

All of the libraries in Odense are organized under the Odense Central Library, which is located near the train station. The eight other smaller libraries are located around town. See addresses and opening times for all of the libraries.

In addition to a wide selection of books, periodicals, and magazines, the libraries offer a number of services, including access to computers, photocopiers and printers, internet access, and IT assistance. The libraries also host a number of cultural events and activities. You can find out more about what each library has to offer on the Central Library website (in Danish).

Register and get a free library card

To register for a library card, you need to go to the library with your health insurance card (yellow card). This card will also function as your library card. You can read more about your library card and the rules for loaning library materials here.