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Leaving Denmark

Moving away from Denmark? There is a number of practical matters to take care of.

Leaving Denmark

Guideline for leaving Denmark

When you leave Denmark, there are a number of practical matters you must pay attention to. If you move from Denmark to your home country or to another country, you must report the relocation to the national register office (Folkeregister). You must also hand over your health insurance card.


If you move abroad for less than six months, you can retain your registered address unless you rent out or lend your house or flat.


Follow this guide on Life in Denmark where they go through all the necessary steps and an exhaustive overview of other practicalities you need to be aware of when leaving Denmark. 


Remember that you need an appointment to attend a meeting at Citizen Service (Borgerservice).


Click here to book an appointment with Citizen Service (Borgerservice)

Did you forget to deregister before leaving Denmark?

If you didn't manage to deregister following the guidelines before leaving Denmark, and you no longer have your MitID, you need to call Citizen Service, and let them know that you have left the country. They will help you with the process. 


Find contact information for Citizen Service (Borgerservice) here