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Sports and outdoor activities

Take advantage of the nature at your doorstep and enjoy the many sports and outdoor activities that Odense has to offer. .

Sports and outdoor activities

Join a sports club

Joining a sports club is a great way to meet both Danes and other internationals with a similar interest in sport. There are a number of sports clubs in the Odense area, including some that have an international environment.

DGI - Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations

DGI Fyn is part of DGI, which is a nationwide gymnastics and sports association. DGI Fyn covers the ten municipalities on Fyn (Nordfyn, Odense, Middelfart, Assens, Faaborg-Midtfyn, Nyborg, Kerteminde, Svendborg, Aeroe and Langeland). Approximately 550 sports associations are members of DGI Fyn - from the tiniest sports club of a dozen or so members to the huge clubs of the big cities.

DGI Fyn can help locate a particular sports club or type of sport in the area. In Fyn, DGI offer all types of sports, including soccer, tennis, handball, sailing, and much more.

DGI Fyn 
Svendborgvej 337 
5260 Odense S
Tel: +45 79 40 46 00
Email: fyn@dgi.dk


Odense Giants Softball Klub

Read more about the softball club on their website or visit their Facebook page.


Odense Giants
Chairman Kristian Stjernholm
Søren Eriksens Vej
5270 Odense N
Tel: +45 24 69 44 70


Lindy Hop Odense

Learn to dance Lindy Hop, the original Jitterbug from the 1930's USA, with Swing the Shoes in Odense. Check out time and place on their website or find them on Facebook: Lindy Hop Odense - Swing the Shoes.


Rugårdsvej 15A
5000 Odense C
Tel: +45 40 40 87 14
Email: info@swingtheshoes.dk


Odense Squash Club 

Read about the squash club on their website or find them on Facebook: Odense Squash Club.


Sdr. Boulevard 17A
5000 Odense C
Tel: +45 63 11 11 40
Email: medlemsservice@osc.dk


Outdoor activities in Odense

There is plenty of opportunity to get involved in sports and outdoor life in Odense. The city has over 350 km of bicycle paths and bicycle rentals if you do not yet have your own. Find maps of the city’s various bicycle paths.

The paths along the river are perfect for walking and running, and exercise playgrounds are scattered throughout the city, ready for use whenever you should feel so inspired. Odense also has a number of sports clubs, fitness centres, and public pools.

For more information about outdoor activities in Odense, see VisitOdense.

Outdoor activities on Fyn

There is also plenty to do in the area surrounding Odense. The South Funen Archipelago, for example, offers a wide range of outdoor activities and is home to one of the longest hiking trails in Denmark. 

For more information about outdoor activities in Fyn, see VisitFyn.