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Public transport

The tips and tricks for using public transportation in Odense.

Public transport

The central station and the central bus terminal are located in the same building. 



Buses in Odense are operated by Fynbus. You can read more about their services on the website of Fynbus and download Fynbus' tourist map to discover all the exciting spots accessible by bus in Odense and Fyn.


You might have noticed pink and green minibuses touring the city center. This is a free bus service that departs every eight minutes from the bus terminal and circles the downtown and the harbor areas. Read more about the free city bus here or find the route here.



Trains in Denmark are operated by DSB. Tickets for the train can be bought either online, at the ticketing office, or at a ticket machine. If you are an adult travelling on the train, you are allowed to bring up to two children under the age of 12 free of charge. Children between 12 and 15 travel at a reduced price while children 16 and above pay full price. In addition to your train ticket, you need to buy a seat ticket (30 DKK) if you want to reserve a seat in advance.



An alternative to buying single tickets is to purchase a travel card (Rejsekort). It's easy to buy online or you can buy a Rejsekort in person at these locations. You can top up your card via vending machines at the train or bus stations, at the ticketing offices, or online. You put money on these cards in advance. When entering the vehicle, you scan the card on one of the scanners located by the doors or on the platform, and you scan the card again when leaving the vehicle. The cost of the ticket is deducted from the money available on your card. You can find out more about the cards on the Rejsekort website. 


Ticketing offices 

If you do not have a Rejsekort, you can buy your tickets at the main station. Fynbus ticketing office is located at Dannebrogsgade 10, 5000 Odense C, and the DSB ticketing office is located at Østre Stationsvej 27, 5000 Odense C, 2nd floor. 

Travel planner

You can plan your bus and/or train journey in advance on Rejseplanen.