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Did you know that Odense has over 545 km of cycle lanes? Why not take advantage of them?

The municipality of Odense has invested heavily in its cycling infrastructure and it shows. The easiest way to get around town is on a bike and for the majority of families, biking is their main mode of transportation.

General rules for biking

As a cyclist in Denmark, you need to abide by a number of rules. Bicyclists must follow traffic laws similar to those of cars.


Cycling guidelines





  • Your bike has to have 2 yellow reflexes that moves and are visible from behind and minimum 1 yellow reflex on every wheel.
  • Every bicycle must be equipped with a bell on the handlebar.
  • It is not required by law to wear a helmet; however, it is always recommended to do so. You are allowed to carry two children on an adult bike provided that they are properly fastened into their own seats. 

Traffic safety:

  • Never drive next to a car, moped or motorcycle
  • Only drive next to another bike, if there is enough space and you are not causing any danger to others in the traffic.
  • Bikes with 3 wheels or more can never be used next to another bike
  • Always stay in the right side of the road unless you are passing someone.
  • If a junction has a turning lane, then use the lane for straight out going.
  • If you have to turn left continue straight ahead and then turn left when it is possible without causing any problems for others.
  • Green arrow is for the cars only!
  • Keep your hands and feet on the bike
  • Bikers under 6 years have to be accompanied by a person at 15 years or older.
  • No more persons on the bike than the bike is made for.
  • You can bring things up to max. 3 m long and 1 m wide as long as you can control the bike 100%.
  • If you are riding your bike between sunset and sunrise, you must have a white light on the front of your bike and a red light on the back. These lights must be visible from a distance of 300 meters.


Remember to always leave your bike locked

Bike thieves are everywhere so keep your bike locked both when parking it in a public space, and when you park it at home. 


Bicycle insurance

Most home insurance policies cover bicycles. However, it is also possible to buy separate bike insurance. In order for your insurance to cover your bike in case it gets stolen, you must make sure that your bicycle lock is approved by your insurance company and that you lock your bike whenever you are not using it. You also need a bicycle frame number. Write this number down, as you will be asked for it when reporting a stolen bike. 

Please note that it may not be possible to insure your bike if it is bought abroad and does not have a frame number. All bicycles bought in Denmark have a frame number. Contact your insurance company to find out what is and is not covered by your insurance. 


If your bike does get stolen, then you need to report the theft to both your insurance company and the police. You can fill out the police report here  (in Danish).

In addition to bicycle insurance, it is recommended that you have personal accident insurance and liability insurance.


Buying a bicycle

There are many ways to buy a bicycle in Odense. Many people use DBA and Facebook Marketplace to buy used bikes and you can find some pretty decent ones, but always beware of scammers. 

A cheaper way of acquiring a bicycle can also be at police auctions. The police auctions off found bicycles that have either been removed or stolen, and that the owners have not collected. The bikes are sold by Svendborg Auktionerne, both online and in Svendborg. The auction will sell several different items and not just bikes.

If you buy a used bicycle, you can always check if the bicycle has been reported missing on the police's website.


Renting a bicycle

Rent a bike - managed by Donkey Republic. Hop on an orange bike from 15 minutes up to 14 days. 

  • Download the Donkey Republic app and create and account to rent a bike.
  • Prices depend on how long you rent the bike - pay with your credit card.
  • During your rental you can park the bike anywhere on public street, sidewalks, or footpaths (do not park your bike in places that may be of inconvenience to others or in places assigned to other purposes). In Odense you may not leave bicycles in parks or green areas. 
  • Ending your rental period you must leave the bike in a free drop-off station - which can be found via the app. In case you fail to return the bike in a free drop-off station you will be charged with a fee. 

Rent a bike with a monthly subscription from Swapfiets


Rent a cargo bike - Initiative by Cyklisternes By  - gives a possibility to rent a cargo bike in Odense.

  • You have a possibility to rent two types of cargo bikes from Cyklisternes By for free - Winther Kangaroo Cargo Bike and Christiania Bike
  • The bikes can be found in four bike shops in Odense: Fri Bikeshop på Middelfartvej, Fri Bikeshop på Tagtækkervej, Folkebo Cykler og Oddershede Cykler
  • You can rent a bike for up to four days. Choose between one, two, three or four days.
  • You can create a user in the system, when you rent a bike for the first time and so make your future bookings easier.

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