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Trade unions

Trade unions are central to the Danish labour market. Find out more about the services and benefits they offer.

Trade Unions

Trade unions play a central role in the Danish labour market and are widely respected. The majority of employees in Denmark belong to a trade union. 

The primary responsibility of the trade unions is to negotiate with employer associations on pay and working conditions. However, unions also offer other services such legal advice to members in the case of a conflict with an employer or a work related injury. Many unions are also linked with specific unemployment insurance funds, although you are not required to join an unemployment fund as a union member.

If you choose to join a union, your choice of union will be based on your training and your line of work. Oftentimes your employment contract will specify the union responsible for your field of employment. You can also ask a colleague for advice about which union to join.  


All trade unions are members of bigger organizations, which are AC and FH. Visit their websites to get an overview of their member organisations.