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Water activities

Join swimming activities with your little ones.

Water activities

Baby Swimming

Find swimming courses and rhythmic activities for you and your baby offered in Odense's public swimming pools.

Aqua-Baby offers swimming courses and activities for babies and children of different age:

  • Baby swimming for babies from 10 weeks up to 1 year old.
  • Baby swimming for babies from 8 months up to 5 year old.
  • Baby rhythmic activities for babies from 3 months up to 2 years

Read more about Aqua-Baby activities (in Danish).

Odense Svømmeklub offers different water activities for all the age groups – from babies to teenagers.

For more information visit Odense Svømmeklub's website (in Danish).



Aqua-Mama is a course of activities for pregnant women. Exercising in water is an ideal exercise for pregnant women, as the water eases the load so that you can comfortably move around. As the child's weight moves your centre of gravity, many pregnant women suffer with a sore back, some muscles become tense, others weakened. 

In Aqua-Mama activities you will train the exposed muscle groups, with special focus on training the abdominal and back muscles to stabilize the spine and pelvis.  In addition, you will train your hip and leg muscles, as there is a need for extra strength to better handle the extra weight.

Aqua-Mama activities are offered in: