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Are you to be tested for COVID-19 in Odense?

Check where and how you can get tested for COVID- 19, as a resident in Odense.

As a resident it is free to get tested to see if you have Corona (COVID-19) It’s the region of Southren Denmark that is responsible for testing everyone in Odense. Understand your options to get tested in the entire Region of Southern Denmark.

Find a COVID-19 test center

Find a test center near you, on this map of Denmark.  You will find both PRC test and quick test, offered by the Danish authorities.

Clickable map showing test-centres in Denmark 


Test in Odense municipality

Right now, there are two regular test sites;
-Test center on Billedskærevej. Booking is done via the coronaprover.dk (pcr test)
Quick test center, Ørbækvej 101- public access, no booking necessary.

Popup quick test

There are also 12 more, popup test sites, available to everyone. These test sites are open Monday -Friday.
See the list of the 12 popup sites.

Yellow test cars

The region of Southern Denmark has a number of COVID-test cars, able to move out where it’s necessary.  See the list of where the regions yellow test cars are today. 

Remember mask and social security card

No matter where you get tested, please remember to wear a mask and bring your social security card.
Always call your doctor:
If you have severe symptoms of COVID-19.