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How do I get married in Odense?

Considering getting married in Odense? Here's what you need to know.



Before you can get married in Denmark, you must have a certificate of marital status.

A certificate of marital status is documentation that you meet the conditions in the Danish Act on the Formation and Dissolution of Marriage (Marriage Act). 


Where do I get my certificate of marital status? 

If one or both of you have foreign citizenship, please contact Familieretshuset (The Agency of Family Law) to get a certificate of marital status.


You’ll have to get the certificate of marital status from the municipality if you or partner:


  • Have/has Danish or Nordic citizenship
  • do/does have permanent residence in Denmark
  • have/has a right of permanent residence in Denmark pursuant to the Executive Order on EU Residence

To reach the Wedding office at The City of Odense, please call the number in the info-box or use the contact link to write us. If you do not have MitID you can send an e-mail to vielse@odense.dk.


For citizens who do not reside in Denmark

Please note that there is a 2-month processing time.

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