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When you change your address, you need to inform the authorities of your moving in order to avoid a fine. On this page you can change your address.


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You can at the earliest inform the authorities of your change of address four weeks before you move and it must be done no later than five days after you have moved to your new home in order to avoid a fine. 

You change your address online via the self service-box "Change address". 

Please be aware that:

  • Before you can use the online service you need to have a digital signature called NemID.
  • You also have to inform the postal service, Post Danmark, of your relocation. This can also be done online with NemID.
  • Additionally, you can change your doctor. You will then automatically receive a new health insurance card with your new address. 
  • If you are moving from Odense, you need to report your moving to your new municipality.

Opdateret 30-01-2018

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