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Subscribe to mail- and sms-service

Are you nervous that you might miss important messages from the public authorities? You can sign up for a mail- and sms-service.

The public authorities have begun to send mail via Digital Post. Therefore it is important to check your Digital Post mailbox. If you are nervous you might forget to check your Digital Post, and thereby miss important messages from the public authorities you can get a reminder.
In your Digital Post mailbox you can subscribe to email- and SMS-service.


Once you have signed up for one or both of these services you will automatically receive a message via your email or SMS, each time you receive a new message in your Digital Post mailbox. It is still your own responsibility to check for new messages in you Digital Post. The email- and SMS-service is an extra service, meant as a help to remember to check your Digital Post.

Below you can find a guide on how to subscribe to the email- and SMS-service.

First you must log in to your Digital Post mailbox via odense.dk or borger.dk

Once you have logged in you choose "Menu" in the top right corner. Then you choose "Settings".




If you have not entered an email address or cellphone number, you can see it here. If you have not entered a cellphone number, or email address, or you wish to correct one of the two you choose "Edit profile":


Now you enter your email address and cellphone number. You can choose to enter two email adresses if you wish.



Next you must confirm your email address and cellphone number.
In the picture below you can see that neither email address or cellphone number have been confirmed.



To confirm you cellphone number:

You need your phone to confirm your cellphone number. You have received a new SMS-message from e-boks.
The message looks like this:


There are three ways to confirm your cellphone number. You can either answer the SMS with the last four digits of your social security number, or you can follow the link in the SMS and enter the four last digits of your social security number. Finally, you can via "Settings" click on "Verify" Next to your cellphone number, as shown above. Once you have pressed "Verify", you must enter the four numbers at the bottom of the SMS. This is the verification code. In this example, the code is 1234.


To confirm your email address:

You must log in to your email account to confirm. You have received a new email from e-boks. The email might be in your junk or spam mailbox.

In the mail, you must click on the first link. This will open a new window, saying that your email address has been confirmed:

You have now confirmed both your email address and your cellphone number. When you choose "Menu" and "Settings" in your Digital Post, you can see that it no longer says "Not verified" after your email address and cellphone number.


This means that you will receive both an email and an SMS, when there is a new message for you from the public authorities. You are still obliged to check your Digital Post regularly.