Spring til indhold

Set up your Digital Post

Below you find a short guide to set up your Digital Post.

1. Click "Digital Post" in the upper right corner at www.odense.dk 


2. Log in with NemID


3. Read the short text and click "Accepter" (accept).


When you log in to your Digital Post the first time, you accept the terms. The terms state that you are commited to check your Digital Post regularly.

4. Fill out the form

Write your "Navn" (name), your "Mobilnummer" (cell phone number, if you want to receive a text message when you get new messages) and your "e-mail adresse" (to receive an e-mail when you get new messages). Click on "Fortsæt" (Continue).

5. You have to confirm your email and cell phone number.

To confirm your email, you should log in to your email, open the mail from e-Boks and click on the first link in the text.

You will receive a 4 digit code in a text message on the cell phone number you entered in (4). This code must be entered as a verification to the relation of your Digital Post and your cellphone number. You can see an extended guide to the confirmation process here.


6. At the bottom of your "Indbakke" (Inbox) you can change the language settings to English.