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How to read Digital Post

Below you can see how to open a message in your Digital Post mailbox. The guide shows what you should do, after you have logged on to Digital Post with your NemID. It assumes that you start out in your inbox.

Picture nr. 1 - Your Inbox

The picture shows that you have chosen “Show my mail in folders”. You have chosen the Inbox. The three red rings and small letters does not appear on your screen. They are meant to ease the explanation of the picture.

A: This is the logo of e-Boks, the developer of Digital Post

B: The number "1" after "Inbox" shows there is one unread message in the digital mailbox.

C: The messages in your Digital Post will appear here. There is only one message in the picture. Had there been more messages they would have appeared under each other, the newest at the top.


Picture 2 – Choose your message

A: This shows who has send the message.

B: Here you can see the subject of the message. It is also here you have to click to open the message.


Picture 3 – Open your message

Move the cursor over the item you want to read.
The cursor changes from an arrow to a pointing hand when you move it across the green subject text. Click on the left mouse button to read the selected message

The messages you choose to read will now open in another window or tab.

When you have read the message you can close the window or tab by clicking on the X in the top right corner. The message will not be deleted.


Picture 4 – After you have read your message

The message will still be in your Inbox when you have closed the window or tab, where you read it. You can always open the message again to read it.