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Allow others to access your Digital Post

You can give a family member or a close friend access to your Digital Post. This means that she/he can read and edit the messages in your Digital Post.

Reading access can also be granted to a company – e.g. an accountant or a solicitor. You decide for how long an access should be granted and what folder(s) you will grant access to! You can always delete an access again if you wish to do so.

The person granted access must have a Digital Post him/herself.

Allow others access to your Digital Post

1. Log in to your Digital Post. If you have not set up your Digital Post account yet - please read more on how to here.

2. Click on "Menu" and choose "Settings".

3. Click on the tab "Shared folders"


4. Specify the person who should have access by entering name and social security number. At the bottom of the page you can choose for how long you want the other person to have access to your Digital Post. If you leave the box empty, the person will have access to your Digital Post until you die or delete the access.
Then click "Next".


5. Enter a password, that the person you wish to grant access to your Digital Post, needs to enter when he/she accepts the access.

6. Permissions
Select the rights you wish to grant to the person, whom you are giving access. You can choose "Reading", "Editing" or "Administration". If you choose "Reading" or "Editing" you have to select at least one folder, which the person should have access to. Then click "OK".

6. Now you have granted access for another person. The other person needs to accept the access. Read how to here

7. In "Shared folders" under "Menu" and "Settings" you can see who has access to your Digital Post, and if you have access to somebody else's Digital Post.