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Accept access to another person's Digital Post

Guidelines for you who have been given access to another person's Digital Post.

By following the guidelines below you will soon be able to help the person who has given you access to their Digital Post.

Remember you have to have the agreed password before you start!

Log on to your own Digital Post.

Now you have two options to accept an access.

Click on "Accept" in the top of your inbox. If you choose this method, skip to instructionpoint 4.

You can also accept an access by clicking on the "Menu"  and choose "Settings"

If you choose "Menu" and "Settings", you have to choose the tab "Shared folders"

Enter the agreed password and press "OK"

Go to your "Inbox", now you can see both your own name and the name of the person who has granted you access to his/her Digital Post. Click on the name, and you can see the folders you have access to.