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Exemption from mandatory Digital Post

In the BorgerServiceCenter (citizen service centre), you can request to be exempted from the mandatory Digital Post.

If you wish to obtain exemption from Digital Post you need to fulfil certain criteria. You can obtain an exemption if you for example:

  • suffer from a physical or psychological disability that prevents you from using Digital Post
  • have language difficulties that make it difficult for you to use Digital Post
  • are registered as having left Denmark permanently
  • do not have access to a computer with sufficient Internet connection in your home

To obtain an exemption from Digital Post you must show up personally at the Borgerservice.

You can apply for an exemption in the municipality where you have your officially registered address. NB! It is not possible to send the application to the municipality.

In Odense Municipality you can apply for an exemption at Borgerservice.

At Borgerservice you will fill out a form. Remember personal identification, e.g. your health card.

I am not capable of showing up at the Borgerservice

You can give a power of attorney to another person seeking exemption from Digital Post on your behalf.
The proxy must show up personally at the Borgerservice with the application form. Note if the request happens through a proxy some of the form must be filled out before the personal appearance.

Allow others to access your Digital Post

An alternative to exemption is to give a family member or a close acquaintance reading access to your Digital Post. You can create the reading access yourselves – read how to do it here – or Borgerservice can help you do it.
If you send someone else to the Borgerservice to create a reading access, you must give him or her a power of attorney.

Please fill in the power of attorney form below if you wish to give others access to you Digital Post.