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Digital Post in English

June 6th 2012 the "Folketing" adopted a law on Digital Post to and from public authorities in Denmark. The law states that mail sent by Digital Post will have the same legal validity as letters posted using ordinary mail.

From binders and envelopes to Digital Post

Furthermore the law initiates a process that makes it mandatory for companies and citizens to use Digital Post. You can contact Odense Kommune (Odense Municipality) and other public authorities via Digital Post. Do this through odense.dk or borger.dk

Digital Post is safe communication between you and the public authorities

Send, receive and store your correspondence with the public authorities in Digital Post. It gives you an overview and you can avoid paper, stamps and large binders.

Your mailbox is connected with your social security number. Therefore it will follow you for your entire life – regardless of whether you move physically or change email address.


How do I know if new mail has arrived?

You can set up an email- or SMS-service to be informed automatically when you receive a new message in your Digital Post.

Several mailboxes - one entrance

With a few clicks, you can synchronise your e-Boks with your Digital Post. Then you can see the content of your e-Boks in your Digital Post mailbox.
You can now see mail from both private companies and public authorities in one place.

Read more about how to set up for your Digital Post:

Set up your Digital Post

How do I communicate with the City via Digital Post?

How to communicate via Digital Post

How to allow others to access your Digital Post

Allow others to access your Digital Post


If you experience problems with your Digital Post, please contact the Digital Post user support on phone at +45 82 30 32 31


Download the flyer

Download the flyer that contains most of the subjects mentioned above.

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